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Sourcing in textile industries has become a common phenomenon considering the hike in demand. Keeping these raise of bars as an upbeat challenge, Born Babies is strategically associated with a network of qualified vendors for Baby Products. Acting as the hub for them, Born Babies tends to satisfy the diversified needs of all the customers. Aspects like brand positioning, strictly adhering to quality measures are being considered in the first place.

This art of restructuring the supply chain with the help of the reliable vendors, Born Babies is elevating the standards of baby clothing industry.



Before taking a long foot, we at Born Babies ensure that we are on the right track as per the client's requirement. Our initial production time is spent on understanding the customer's need and how we can add value to their business. Creating samples is one such efficient way to do things right.


The feedback from the client is always welcomed with an open mind and the necessary changes will be implemented without any hassles. By setting things right before going for the bulk production, Born Babies ensure that the production will go on without any hurdles. This way of approach, constantly reduces the risks, mishaps and loss in production quality.



Before shipping the products, two prominent activities need to be carried out. Our certified professionals will do a final inspection on the outputs and ensure that there are no errors. Post that, the buyers confirmation is expected in order to ship the garments to the desired place. Once the approval process is over, organizing the goods, getting the required documents ready, intimating the required persons to complete the process will be without any mishaps.


How we stand apart?

Born Babies had its inception in the 1990 and we are the front-runners in the baby clothing industry since 1992. Standing apart from other retailers, Born Babies is having its own robust manufacturing unit in the textile city Tirupur. With a vast experience in Baby clothing retail industry, our team knows the best when it comes to garment manufacturing.

When it comes to sourcing, our teams of certified suppliers are well-established award winning manufacturers located in and around Tirupur, Chennai and Bangalore. They are more like an active member of the Born Babies family and they are following our virtues without finding any middle grounds. They obtained certification for Product Class 1 "infant and small children products" – OEKO TEX along with the standard ISO certification.


Our Exports: